Kutch Silver, A Fine Kutch Repousse Silver (Cutch Silver) Lidded Ewer Decorated With Animal Hunting Scenes Amidst Floral And Scrolling Designs, Kutch, India, 19th Century.

Identification Number: 275


Condition: Very Good, some re-soldering on top of the Lid.


35 cm height.
15.5 cm width at largest point between spouts and handle.
10.5 cm diam. of base.

Further lot Description will be available soon.


Indian Silver 1858-1947, Silver from the Indian Subcontinent And Burma During Ninety Years of British Rule, by Wynyard R. T. Wilkinson, 1999, ISBN: 0 9512391 2 0.
Please note the similarities between our present lot and the fine unmarked claret jug made in the manner of Oomersi Mawji, lot No. 102 illustrated on page 74.