Thai Gold, A Fine Repoussed And Engraved Thai Enamelled Gold Hairpin Encrusted With Fine Mosaic Glass Embellishment, Probably Bangkoki, Rattanakosin Dynasty, Thailand, Circa 1800.

Identification Number: 374


This rare enamelled gold hairpin is usually worn by Thai royal children in their tonsuring rituals or ceremonies (Kone Chook) for cutting their topknot for it’s considered as an important transitional stage from infancy to adolescence.

The fine enamelled gold leaf is mounted on a wax or raisin substance moulded to shape the beautiful four tier flower head.

Condition: very good, some gold and enamel loss, losses of tiny mosaic embellishments, wear and tear.
A later probably European gold pin was added to the hairpin to enable the owner to use it as a decorative and wearable pin on cloths.


12.2 cm long.
2 cm the width at longest point of flower head.


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For another examples of Thai enamelled gold objects please see, Le Siam A Fontainebleau, L’ambasssade Du 27 Juin 1861, catalogue 44-97 pages 86-103.