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Hindu Art, A Beautiful Carved and Ivory Plaque depicting Krishna Watching the Gopsi Bathe, Probably Delhi or Bombay, India, late 19th Century.

India was a major centre for ivory carving since ancient times. Fine pieces of ivory were produced throughout India’s history, such as the Mughal period, the Portuguese Rule on certain parts of India, the East India Company era and The British Raj, which was the beginning of the British rule over India. Pieces were made to fulfil orders of both the local market and the western world. The most well known main production centres of fine Ivory carvings in India were at Murshidabad, in the state of west Bengal; Odisha (Orissa); Rajasthan; Uttar-Paradesh; Southern Indian states and provinces, such as Maysor and Tamil Nadu, and other major cities such as, Goa, Delhi, Amritsar, Etawah, Hoshiarpur, Bombay, Berhapur, Travancore, Bombay and Vizagapatam.

Our current lot presents a fine example of a piece that depicts Lord Krishna in one of his very popular stories sitting on a tree playing the flute and observing the Gopsi girls bathing in a silvered lotus pond, having earlier taken away their clothes and flung them on the upper branches of the tree. The “Gopsi” are cow-herding girls and are famous for their unconditional devotion to Krishna who is known of playing constant pranks on them. The scene also depicts cows grazing amidst large trees by the lake banks, and depicts large lotus flowers floating on the surface of the water. The border of the frame is beautifully decorated with a series of lotus designs.

Our present lot also features a folding Ivory easel stand on the back of plaque for support and standing proposes. This lot is to be sold with the rather similar Ivory plaque, which is offered by lot 83.

Condition: Excellent.
Dimensions: Width 17 cm
Height 10 cm

  • Identification Number: 82

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