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Central Asian Art, A Rare Engraved And Tinned Brass Aquamanile Ewer (Oftaba) Encrusted With Finely Polished Glass And Turquoise Stones, With Curved Dragon- Like Handle, Tashkent Or Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

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Central Asian Art, GE a member of Chrysalis Book Plc., 2003, ISBN: 0 86288 579 5. Please see the very similar two ewers belong to the Museum of the History of the peoples of Uzbekistan, illustrated on page 126.

Exploring Centre Asia, Volume Two, The Carlsberg Foundation’s Nomad Research Project, Esther Fihl, Rhodos, Please see the similar work on lots 327 & 331 catalogued on pages 529 & 531.

A Song In Metal, Folk Art Of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Gafur Gulyam Art and Publishers, 1986, B. Krenko, Please see identical lot No. 73 illustrated in page 100-101.

Uzbekistan Heirs Of The Silk Road, Edited By Johannes Kalter And Margareta Pavaloi, Thames Hudson, Printed in Germany. Please see the almost identical ewer lot No. 668 catalogued on page 328.
  • Identification Number: 433

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