Anti-Money Laundering Supervision 

According to the British Government’s and to the European Union’s Legislations of the Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (AML Regulations) 27 Issued in 2017, The EU Fifth Money Laundering Directive and to The H M Revenue & Customs, Art Market Participants Regulation Published on the 2nd. of February 2020, Regarding the Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (AML), Countering The Financing of Terrorism (CFT), the Illegal Transfer of Funds, Proliferation Financing Risks & High Risk Third Countries (Information on the Payer), and Despite of the Slightly Belated Registration of ALJ Antiques Limited which Took Place on the 23rd. February, 2023, the Company has become an Art Market Participant, which is Required by Law to Control and Apply Customer Due Diligence Procedures and Should Carry out Documenting and Achieving the Processes of the Potential Customer’s Risk Assessment on the Business’s Transactions which Involves Keeping and Maintaining Certain Related Customer’s Records.