• A Rare Süleymaniye Ware Enamelled Lidded Goblet or Pot and Cover, Ottoman Turkey, Istanbul, circa 1800.

  • Ottoman Süleymaniye Ware, An Extremely Rare Süleymaniye Ware Enamelled Lidded Hanging Church or Mosque Incense Burner In The Form Of A Hanging Ceramic Egg, The Ottoman Empire Istanbul-Turkey, Circa 1800.

    Incense Burners

  • Zoroastrian Antiques, An Important (Parsi) Engraved Copper-Gilt Flattened Ewer With Half Moon (Crescent Shaped) Top Probably Used To Carry The Sacred Liquor (Haoma) Before The Sacred Fire At The Yasna Ritual, Bombay Or Zand Dynasty In Shiraz,India Or Iran

    Zoroastrian (Parsi) Art

  • An Ottoman Gilt-Copper (Tombak) Covered Bowl (Sahan), Turkey, Circa 18th Century.

  • Indian Arms And Armour, A Beautiful and Important Parcel-Gilt Silver And Steel Elephant Head Shaped Axe (Bhuj-Kutti or Mujwali), North West-India And The Rajputs, Circa 18th -19th Century.

  • Ottoman Art, A Fine Ottoman Leather Wallet, Embroidered with Gilt-Silver Thread and Gilt-Metal (Tombak) Lock Plate, Istanbul, Dated 1789.

  • Sikh Arms & Armour, A Rare & Large Lacquered Leather Sikh Shield (Dhal), Decorated With Copper-Gilt Bosses & Crescent Probably The Punjab Province Lahore – Pakistan, Circa 18th Century.

    Indian Arms & Armour

  • Japanese Art for the Islamic Market, A Very Unusual Cloisonné-Enamel Huqqa Base And Top, Japan 19 Century