Spain (andalusia)

  • A Set of Two Large Framed Architectural Gilt and Polychromed Moulded Relief Plaster Model Based on Alhambra Palace, attributed to Rafael Contreras, Granada-Spain, Circa 1880s.

  • A Nasrid Dynasty or Post Nasrid Taracea or Tarsi (ترصيع) or inlaed X Shaped Walnut Wooden Folding Hip Chair or (Sillas De Caderas), Probably Granada-Spain, Circa 16th-19th Century.

  • An Andalusian Moorish-Revival Baroque Style Walnut Side Fratino Console Table, Granada-Spain, Circa 1900s.

  • Nasrid Dynasty Revival Furniture, A Fine Wooden Hispao-Moresque Cylinder Writing Roll-Top Bureau and Cabinet Fitted on a Matching Drawers Stand Inlaid with Bone, Ivory & Parquetry Wood Work, Decorated with Geometrical Designs, Probably Granada-Spain Circa Late 19th Early 20th.. Century.

  • Hispano-Moresque Lusterware, A Rare Hispano-Moresque Ceramic Lusterware Charger, Valencia (Manises), Spain, Circa 1525-60 AD.

  • Islamic Art From Spain, An Important Moroccan or Recycled Nasrid Dynasty Wooden Fragment Altered Into A Box, Probably Fez-Morocco or Granada-Andalusia-Spain, Probably 15th & 19th Century.

  • Hispano-Moresque Pottery, A Rare Four Hispano-Moresque Cuenca, or Zellige (Azulejo) Wall Pottery Tile Panel, Seville or Toledo, Spain or Morocco, 15th 16th Century.

    Andalusian Art

  • Lusterware Of Spain, A Rare Hispano-Moresque Lustre Pottery Charger, Valencia, Probably Manises, Spain, Circa 15th. Century.

  • Hispano-Moresque Lusterware, A Magnificent and Important Large Hispano- Moresque Lustre Pottery Charger, The Reverse Is Featuring A Crowned Eagle, Valencia, Manises, Spain, Circa First Half of the 15 Century.

    Hispano-Moresque Lusterware