Morocco & North Africa

  • Islamic Art From Spain, An Important Moroccan or Recycled Nasrid Dynasty Wooden Fragment Altered Into A Box, Probably Fez-Morocco or Granada-Andalusia-Spain, Probably 15th & 19th Century.

  • Islamic Art, An Extremely Rare Scraped (Muqashshat) Leather Wall Hanging (Hayti), Marrakesh, Morocco, Dated Circa 1796 AD.

    Arts of the Islamic World

  • Islamic Textiles, A Fine Moroccan Embroidered Circular Decorative Element Of Gilt Silver-Thread Embroidered On Red, Purple And Green Silk Velvet Lined On Leather Grounds, Probably Fez Or Rabat, Morocco, Circa 19th Century.

    Maghrebian Art

  • Islamic Art, A Very Fine Pair Of Heavy Enamelled And Silver-Gilt Anklets (Khelkhals), Probably Fez Or Meknes Or Oran, Morocco Or Algeria, 18th-19th Century.

  • Moroccan Art, A Rare Moroccan Silk And Gold Thread Belt (Hezam) With Engraved Silver Mounts and Silk Tassels For Holding A Moroccan Nimcha Sword, North of Morocco, Probably 18th- 19th Century.

  • Hispano-Moresque Pottery, A Rare Four Hispano-Moresque Cuenca, or Zellige (Azulejo) Wall Pottery Tile Panel, Seville or Toledo, Spain or Morocco, 15th 16th Century.

    Andalusian Art