Islamic Textiles, A Fine Moroccan Embroidered Circular Decorative Element Of Gilt Silver-Thread Embroidered On Red, Purple And Green Silk Velvet Lined On Leather Grounds, Probably Fez Or Rabat, Morocco, Circa 19th Century.

Identification Number: 259


This exceptionally fine roundel is crafted of the finest materials and embroidered with silver-gilt thread on vibrant colours of silk velvet and padded on leather and cotton fabric grounds.
This piece was probably made by the male artisans in Fez or Rabat and was probably commissioned for a Royal household.

Our elegant roundel is made from red, purple and green silk velvet elaborately embroidered with gold thread decoration depicting a central eight-pointed star medallion surrounded by eight triangular segments separated by wide straight lines, a radial like sun motive decoration.

The whole geometrical spaces of the roundel are beautifully and fully decorated with various vegetal, floral and arabesque designs.

This very large embroidered roundel was probably used as a canopy or to decorate tabletops, similar to the Ottoman (Sofra Bezi) or as a mural wall hanging (Hayti).

Similar embroidered shapes are very common in Morocco but on a much smaller scale, such small roundels were embroidered and used to decorate the sitting cushion tops.

Condition:- Very Good, Some tear and wear to fabric .


100 cm diam.


For similar decoration, please see

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The fine embroidered cushion top at the Museum of Dar Belghazi, Sidi Bouknadel-Sale, exhibited on page 103. Also for another similar embroidered work please see the embroidered wall hanging (Haiti) at the Museum of Bab El Oqla in the Moroccan city of Tetouan, lot illustrated on page 40.

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