Malaysia & Singapore

  • Dutch Colonial, A Fine Batavian Tortoiseshell Betel Box Or (Sirih) Casket With Silver Mounts, Batavia (Jakarta), (Dutch East Indies) Indonesia, Circa -1759-1800 AD.

  • Artifacts of The VOC & The Dutch East-Indies, An Important & Historical Small Filigree Silver Dish With Enamelled Central medallion, Padang-West Sumatra & Batavia (Jakarta)-Indonesia, Dated 1686 AD.

  • A Close Pair Octagonal Shaped Filigree Silver Box, Padang-West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, West Sumatra-Indonesia, Circa 1700.

  • An Extremely Rare & Important Large Silver Betel Nut Container (Karaih) In The Form of a Large Watermelon, Decorated With Bold Blossoming Lotus Flowers, The Item is Repeatedly Marked With the Dutch Duty Mark of The Crowned Letter V For Foreign Silver, Probably Batavia (Jakarta), Indonesia, Circa 1700 AD.

  • Malay Silver, A Large Silver Alloy Tray, Riau Archipelago (Sumatra), Indonesia, 19th. Century.

  • Malay Silver, A Rare And Complete Silver Alloy Stemmed Platter With A Domed Cover Desert Container (Wadah Kueh), Riau Archipelago (Sumatra), Indonesia, 19th. Century.

  • Malay Jewellery, An Exceptionally Rare Silver-Gilt Pendent Or Amulet Holder and Container Encrusted With Diamonds (Intan), Central Java, Indonesia, Circa 18th – 19th Century.

    Malay Silver

  • Malay Islamic Kris Dagger, A Fine Stylized Steel Blade With Carved Horn Hilt, The Hilt And Wooden Scabbard are Decorated With Islamic Prayers, The Malay Sub-continent, Probably Sumatra, Indonesia, Circa 19th Century.

  • Malay Silver, A Rare Rectangular Footed Finely Engraved Silver Box Made For A Royal Subject South East Indes, Or Indonesia Circa 19th Century.