Malay Islamic Kris Dagger, A Fine Stylized Steel Blade With Carved Horn Hilt, The Hilt And Wooden Scabbard are Decorated With Islamic Prayers, The Malay Sub-continent, Probably Sumatra, Indonesia, Circa 19th Century.

Identification Number: 304


The Kris with a straight blade, the horn hilt and scabbard are deeply carved with the following Arabic Islamic prayers

سبحان الله

“meaning “God is perfect ,Reads as Subhanallah



سبحان الله لا حول ولا قوة ألا بالله العلي العظيم الله

Subhanallah La Hawla Wala Quwaaat Illa Billah
There is no power nor strength except through Allah the great

لا اله ألا الله

There is no God but Allah

محمد رسول الله

Mohamed is the messenger of Allah “God”

Condition: Very Good, minor rust and corrosion to blade.


Overall length 47 CM.
Length of hilt and blade 41 CM.
Width of blade at the hilt 8*9 CM.
Hilt Length 8 CM.

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