Caucasus & Central Asia

  • A Rare Caucasian Nielloed Silver Inkwell Fitted on a Rectangular Footed Tray Decorated with Arabesque Motives and Inscribed in Arabic, Signed and dated by the Master, Dagestan-The Republic of Russia.

  • An Important Large, Heavy Nielloed, Enamelled and Parcel-Gilt Silver Caucasian Footed Jewellery Casket, Dagestan-The Republic of Russia, or Kokand-Uzbekistan, Circa 19th. Century.

  • Central Asian Art, A Rare Large Engraved Brass Aquamanile Ewer (Oftaba) With Curved Dragon- Like Handle, Probably Bukhara Or Kokand, Uzbekistan, Late 18th- Early 19th. Century.

  • Central Asian Ewer, A Monumental Engraved Brass Aquamanile Ewer (Oftaba) Encrusted With Turquoise Stones The Base Is Held By Mythical Creatures With Duck Heads, Made By The Master Mirza Baig (أستاذ ميرزا بيك) Dated 1197 AH 1782 AD Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

    Arts of Central-Asia

  • Qajar Dynasty Brass, A Fine Engraved & Silver Overlaid On Brass Mughal Style Ewer, Decorated With Courtly & Beautiful Mirror Style Hunting Scenes With Animals Amongst Vegetal & Floral Designs, Probably Isfahan Or Kubachi, Iran Or Daghestan, 19th. Century.

  • The Art Of Central Asia, A Rare Lacquered And Gilt With Engraved and Lac Inlaid Bone Wooden Horse Saddle With Original Stirrups, Uzbekistan, Bukhara, 19th. Century.

  • Caucasian Arms And Armour, A Caucasian Gun Powder Flask, A Very Fine Nielloed Silver Gun Powder (Priming) Flask Decorated With Beautifully Arabesque Designs, Probably Dagestan, Kubachi, 19th Century.

  • A Superb Nielloed And Parcel Gilt Silver Ewer Designed By The Dagestani Master In The Making Of The Finest Nielloed Silverware, Mr R. Alikhanov, Kubachi-Dagestan, Probably The First Half Of the 20th Century.