A Rare Caucasian Nielloed Silver Inkwell Fitted on a Rectangular Footed Tray Decorated with Arabesque Motives and Inscribed in Arabic, Signed and dated by the Master, Dagestan-The Republic of Russia.

Identification Number: 586


The ink well is beautifully inscribed with Arabic proverb and well wishes to glorify the owner of the inkwell, this type of praises or proverb can usually be found in early Islamic metalwork.


زاد الله دولة صاحب المحبرة وعمره وقدره وبارك في عياله وأنال قصده


May God Increase the State, lifespan and the Value of the owner of the Inkwell, Bless his Family and fulfil his Purpose.


عمل الحاجي عبد الله في سنة ١ ١٣٣


Translating to Amali (The Work of) Hajji Abdullah and Dated 1331 AH. = 1912 AD.


10.5 cm is the height.
16.6 cm the width of the inkwell’s tray.
10.5 cm is the depth of the inkwell’s tray.




The UK Art Market.


For various related Dagestani silversmithing, please see

Searching for lost Relics, by Isa Askhabov, Khamzat Askhabov, Cultural Heritage, 2016, ISBN: 978-5-4444-5509-8.
Please see the Caucasian nielloed silver low table which was commissioned in 1888 AD. By the Kabardian and Balkarian to be gifted to the Russian Imperial Family, lot catalogued on pages 354 & 355.

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