A Superb Nielloed And Parcel Gilt Silver Ewer Designed By The Dagestani Master In The Making Of The Finest Nielloed Silverware, Mr R. Alikhanov, Kubachi-Dagestan, Probably The First Half Of the 20th Century.

Identification Number: 159


This Magnificent Ewer was designed, engraved and decorated with interesting Islamic pattern composition of arabesque motives, nielloed, and richly complemented by the reflection of soft light resulting from both a smooth parcel gilt and fine gold sheet Embossing.

The engraved calligraphy in Russian language shown at the base of this Master-piece, indicates that it was designed by Mr R. ALikhanov who is considered to be the main master of his generation in designing and the making of the traditional nielloed silverware in the Muslim territories of Kubatchi-Dagistan in Russia. Mr ALikhanov accompanied by his colleagues who have maintained the Islamic traditional ornamentations, style, and motives in the making of the finest Silverware in the region.
As a compliment to Mr Alikhanov art and achievements many of his masterpieces were catalogued at the Art of Kubachi catalogue including the cover of the book that was published in the Russian language in Leningrad, Published by Khudozhnik Rsfsr in 1976.
For similar examples please see the above reference book including the catalogue cover, lot Nos. 112, 114, 115, 116 &118.

Condition: Excellent and intact.

Dimensions:- 32.5 cm height.
20 cm width, space between ewers handle and spout.
10.5 Base diam.