White metal

  • A Fine Ottoman Mother-of Pearl, Tortoiseshell, Ebony, Lead, Ivory & Bone Overlaid Wooden Calligrapher’s Writing Desk & Single Drawer Tools Storage Chest, Probably Istanbul-Turkey, Circa 1700s. AD.

  • Armenian Art in the Ottoman Empire, A Very Rare Silver Wire Inlaid on Ebonised Wood Hexagonal Shaped Coffee or Occasional Table Signed by A Potikian, Afyonkarahisar –Turkey, Circa 19th. Century.

  • A Rare Ottoman Cylindrical Paper Mache Scribe’s Pen-Box (Kubur) With Silver Plated Brass Ink-well(مقلمة مع محبرة عثمانية من الورق السميك مغطى بالصدف ),Veneered With Rhombus Shaped Mother of Pearl,The Ottoman Provinces,Istanbul & Jerusalem,Late18th.Century

    The Arts of Islamic Calligraphy

  • Malay Silver, A Large Silver Alloy Tray, Riau Archipelago (Sumatra), Indonesia, 19th. Century.

  • Malay Silver, A Rare And Complete Silver Alloy Stemmed Platter With A Domed Cover Desert Container (Wadah Kueh), Riau Archipelago (Sumatra), Indonesia, 19th. Century.

  • Indian Art, A White Metal Zoomorphic Palanquin Pole Or Terminal End Cover, Depicting A Makara Head, Probably Maharashtra Or Karnataka, South-India, Circa 18th-19th Century.

    The Arts of India

  • Ottoman Art, A Fine Ottoman Silver, Iron, White Metal and Coral Gun Powder Flask, 18th -19th Century.