A Rare Ottoman Cylindrical Paper Mache Scribe’s Pen-Box (Kubur) With Silver Plated Brass Ink-well(مقلمة مع محبرة عثمانية من الورق السميك مغطى بالصدف ),Veneered With Rhombus Shaped Mother of Pearl,The Ottoman Provinces,Istanbul & Jerusalem,Late18th.Century

Identification Number: 443


Condition: Very good, The Brass Parts had been probably silver plated in the west in the late 19th. Century by the item previous owners, The Powder compartment had been removed and sealed by a Jerusalem carved mother of pearl disc decorated with blossoming flowers, the interior lacquered paper Mache has some minor wear and tear, the old shop label is available but is damaged.


28.8 cm long.

4 cm diam. across the round base and body.


For similar Ottoman Cylindrical Paper Mache Scribe’s Pen-Box (Kubur-Divitler), please see

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Please see figure 58-59 catalogued in pages 58 & 59.

3-For another similar Cylindrical Paper Mache Scribe’s Pen-Box (Kubur-Divitler) with mother of pearl mounts and with Ottoman Marked silver parts please see,
Ottoman Silver Marks by Garo Kurkman, similar lot catalogued on page 163 that bears (the Tugrah of Sultan Osman III).