Italy & Sicily

  • An Iznik Style Underglaze Polychrome Painted Jug or Carafe, Ulisse Cantagalli Pottery, Florence-Italy, Circa 1880s.

  • Veneto-Saracenic, A Rare & Finley Engraved Gold & Silver Overlaid Brass Bowl Decorated With Stylised Arabic Calligraphy, Various Arabesque Designs & A European Jousting Shield, Probably Mamluk-Syria & Italy, Circa 15th. Century.

  • An Exceptionally Fine Carlo Bugatti Style Orientalist Ottoman Furniture Comprising A Pair Of Arm Chairs With Mashrabiya Open Woodwork And Dome Shaped Finial With Parcel-Gilt Crescent Decoration, Probably Italy Or France, Circa Late 19th Early 20th Century

    Islamic Furniture

  • Theodore Deck Orientalist Pottery, A Magnificent Orientalist Theodore Deck Underglaze Polychrome Painted With Mamluk Style Pottery Basin, France, Circa 19th Century.

  • Cantagalli Orientalist Pottery, A Monumental Cantagalli Underglaze Polychrome Painted With Iznik Style Pottery Vase, Florence, Italy, Circa 19th Century.