An Iznik Style Underglaze Polychrome Painted Jug or Carafe, Ulisse Cantagalli Pottery, Florence-Italy, Circa 1880s.

Identification Number: 599


This rare Iznik style underglaze polychrome painted Jug or carafes, was made by the Ulisse Cantagalli Pottery and decorated with typical preferred Ottoman floral motives, such as tulips, stemmed blossoming roses and hyacinths, the round base is decorated with typical stylised black waves.

Cantagalli works originate from a pottery factory which was first known as Casa Cantagalli until it was closed down by the mid of the 19th. century and was re-founded by Ulisse and his brother Romeo who had took over the firm from their father Guiseppe Cantagalli in Florence in 1878, then the Cantagalli factory had joined the market in offering highly decorative and renaissance-revival pottery and ceramics and yet again Cantagalli was also coping other works such as Italian Maiolica other prominent European and Middle-eastern pottery such as Iznik and Damascus ware from the Ottoman world and Hispano-Moresque or Moorish-lusterwares and North African and Moroccan style decoration pottery.


The height is 28 cm.
The width of the globular shaped body is 18 cm.
The dimension of the base is 10 cm diam.


Few chips on the top rim and the round base of the Jug
the base is marked with the cockerel mark.


The Western Art Market.


For other related of Ulisse Cantagalli pottery pieces which was influenced by Ottoman Iznik-style pottery please see the following:

1- La Maiolica Cantagalli, Majolica Cantagalli and Florentine Ceramic Factories, Giovanni Conti, Gilda Cefariello Grosso, introduced by Raffaele Monti, 1990 Roma-Italy, ISBN:88-7813-288-8. For an identical shape please see lot 165 (the Rhodi Jug) Catalogued on page 101, Also please see similar related works figures 79, 80, 81, 82 catalogued on pages 62, 63, 64, 65.
Also, for the Cockrel maker’s mark please see figure 50, catalogued on page 42.

2- Casa Cantagalli, the related catalogue issued by the fine Art Society Plc, in association with Haslam & Whiteway Ltd, in London -UK, 13TH May-20TH June 2002. Please see lots 38-44.

• Probably the Cantagalli pottery factory was inspired by the original Ottoman Iznik water jugs or Carfes pottery pieces which dates back to the 16th. century, for related similar 16th. century Iznik water jugs or Carafes please see: IZNIK, the Pottery of Ottoman Turkey, Nurhan Atasoy & Julian Raby, edited by Yanni Petspoulos, Alexandria Press London in association with Laurance King, 1989, ISBN:1-85669-054-7, please see lot no. 677 and lot no. 540 catalogued on pages 256-267 & lot nos. 347, 348 & 349, FOR DECORATION undoubtedly the Cantagalli potter was probably inspired by lot 348.

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