An Iznik-Style Underglaze Polychrome Painted Bottle-Vase, Samson Pottery, Montreuil-Paris-France, The Second half of the 19th. Century.

Identification Number: 597


This exquisite, rare, large bottle-vase is based on a 16thc. Ottoman Iznik Bootle and is underglaze polychrome painted and bottle-vase and decorated with floral buds & the Saze palm leaves.


The height is 51 cm.
The width of the globular shaped body is 30 cm.
The dimension of the base is 15 cm diam.


Very good, the Samson maker’s mark which was originally copied by Samson from an Arabic word found on one of the original Islamic pottery pieces to be used by Samson’s production of pottery, Samson’s mark is usually painted inside the base of the produced item before the glazing process takes place, the mark on our current lot is faded.


The western Art Market.


Samson genie de L’imitation (Genius of Imitation), by Florance Stitine, Preface by Tamara Preaud Director of the Archives of the National Manufacture of Sevres, Massin, 2002, ISBN: 2-7072-0424-2. For related Iznik style bottles and makers Mark, please see lots exhibited on page 75-76 & 77 (imitation of 16th. century Iznik- Bottles).

Probably both Cantagalli & Samson Factories were inspired by the original Ottoman Iznik water Bottle pottery pieces which dates back to the 16th. century, for related similar 16th. century Iznik water bottles please see: IZNIK, the Pottery of Ottoman Turkey, Nurhan Atasoy & Julian Raby, edited by Yanni Petspoulos, Alexandria Press London in association with Laurance King, 1989, ISBN:1-85669-054-7, please see lot nos. 728 & 729.

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