• Mughal Bronze Ewer, A Rare Cast Bronze Ribbed And Fluted Pear Shaped Body Ewer (Aftaba), With “S” Shaped Handle The Finials Are Decorated With Beautifully Sculptured Tigre And Makara Heads, The Northern Mughal Capitals, India, Circa 18th Century.

  • Deccani Bronze Ewer, A Rare Onion-Shaped Bulbous Ribbed And Fluted Body Brass Ewer (Aftaba), Deccan-India, Circa 16th Century.

    The Indian Ewer

  • A Finely Engraved Deccani Bronze Ewer (Aftaba), The Handle Terminals are Sculptured with A Tigre & typical Deccani Style Makara Heads, Probably the Deccan-Central India, Circa 1700.

  • A Rare Safavid Engraved Bronze Ewer Inlaid With Black And Red Lac, Iran, Circa 17th Century.