Hispano-Moresque Lusterware, A Rare Hispano-Moresque Ceramic Lusterware Charger, Valencia (Manises), Spain, Circa 1525-60 AD.

Identification Number: 556


Of a round body form painted in brown copper-lustre over cream tin-glaze earthenware.

The charger’s visible interior part is decorated with rather religious motif mixed with natural and potentially architectural designs.

The central raised roundel is decorated with a certain type of cross-shaped motif.

The very noticeable design used on this charger is the variously decorated rectangular shaped carpet or floor mosaics tiles like, which is possibly a depiction of the relationship between life and death and the emerging to the Heavens.

The deep round part is decorated with two clearly visible major motifs,

The main motif is the various geometrical rectangular shaped decoration in the form of floor mosaics or carpet motif, each design has a similar parallel motif across to the other side, all rectangular motives are linked with a chain to the ground this may well also be representation of a path or a ladder emerging from the earth up to a spectacular divine scene leading up to the heavens, the largest repetitive framed like geometrical rectangular design is noticeably decorated with a variation of alternating triangles the centre is representing a large cross.

The second motifs are the various types of plants scattered and spread around the rectangular designs one is depicted as a long flowering stem with floral and leafy tufts.

The upper wide shallow rim is also decorated with mainly two differently decorated parallel rectangular shaped carpets or floor mosaics tiles like decoration, one of which is larger than the other but both are linked together with a chain, also an oval shaped palmettes outlined with cobalt blue colour is separating the various rectangular shaped decoration.

Various round like shapes or dots are scattered around the overall decoration.

The backside of the charger is decorated with scrolling or wave style motives.


39 cm diam. across.
The height is 5.6 cm


Very good, small chips to the rim, a small old repair to the base and one hairline.


The European Art Market


For Avery similar lot please see, Spanish pottery 1248-1898 with a catalogue of the collection in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, by Anthony Ray, V&A Publications.

Please notice the cross-shaped decoration at the central raised roundel LOT Nos. 227-233 catalogued on pages 115- 119.

For the carpet design please see the identical decoration of lot 230, plate 30.

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