Islamic Art, A Beautiful and Important Early Safavid Inscribed Carved Hardwood Beam Or Door Frame Fragment, Probably Mazanderan, North Iran, Dated 920 AH – 1514 AD.

Identification Number: 160


The shape and form of the fragment indicates that it was potentially used as one of four pieces from a door frame, two surfaces are engraved with Thuluth style inscription, the entire sides of the inscribed surfaces are carved to leave a band of relief inscription on a plain ground.
The inscription in one section contains parts of the call to God to bless the prophet Muhammad and his family, this section includes the prophet’s name, his son-in-law, his cousin Ali and his daughter Fatima, the other section includes the date when this piece was made, it concludes the year 920 when prophet Mohammed had immigrated from Mecca to Medina.
The wooden cenotaph leg is mounted on a modern metal base.

Condition: Incomplete and Damaged, traces of burn, (the location of the burn probably suggests the deliberate removal of the names of the twelve Shia Imams on this piece).