A Finely Engraved & Pierced Mother of Pearl Mounted On Olivewood & Glazed Diorama Depicting The Resurrection Of Jesus, Stamped with The Maker Stamp Youseph (Yusef) Sourby (Zogbi), The Holy Lands, Bethlehem, Circa 1940s AD.

Identification Number: 496


The subject of the resurrection of Jesus is a very popular subject and can be found in various works of arts done in the Holy lands including the beautiful works of Arts of the Diorama making from mainly wood and mother of pearl made in Bethlehem.

In this Diorama, we can see the depiction of the resurrection of Jesus, beautifully decorated with carved flying winged angels surrounding Jesus Christ in Havens, people mourning the death and disappearance of Jesus body including the presence of the bewildered Roman soldiers who had witnessed the vanishing body of Jesus Christ from his tomb.


Excellent condition.

The height is 42 cm
The width of both the base and top frame is 29 cm
The depth is 8 cm.


El Arte Palestino De Tallar El Nacar, by Enrique Jidi Daccarett, Karen David Dacccarett & Martha Lizcano Angarita (The Palestinian Art of Mother-of-Pearl Carving).

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