Islamic Art, A Fine Ottoman Tortoiseshell, Ivory, Bone, White Metal And Ebony Overlaid On Wood Calligrapher (Khattat) Box, Probably Turkey, Circa 1700.

Identification Number: 246



This item was sold before the Ivory ban became force in the UK, on the 6th. of June, 2022.


26.4 cm height.
50 cm width.
27.1 cm deep.


Very good with some later replacements and conservation, the interior parts are missing.


Tulips, Arabesques and Turbans, Decorative Arts from the Ottoman Empire, Edited by Yanni Petsopoulos, Alexandra Press, London, Sotheby’s Publications, ISBN O 85667 151 7,1982, Lot No. 168 page 180.

Also see, Four Centuries of Ottoman Taste, by E. Grunberg & E. M.. Torn, Ottoman Bank, 1988. Lot No.47.

For a similar 16-17 century example that shares the same design, but made out of different materials (ivory, ebony, bone, white metal and mother of pearl) please see
Antika Ansiklopedisi, Antik Palace, Antik A.S., Kultur Yayinlari, Istanbul, Turkey, The Calligrapher box illustrated on page 361.