Mughal Dynasty Parcel-Gilt Silver Tiara or Head Ornament (Taj or Gan-ga-jamni), Lucknow, North India & The Mughal Capitals, Circa 1780

Identification Number: 30


A Fine Parcel-Gilt Silver Head Ornament (Taj or Gan-ga-jamni), Lucknow, North India and the Mughal Capitals, Circa 1780

Of curved crescentic form consisting of two pieces joined together by a hinge from the back to establish the whole object, the silver is cast and pierced in floral design in deep relief of five iris motif within curling and serrated leaves, loops for attachment above the openwork designs call to mind the carved stone work of Mughal architecture. These ornaments might have been used in place of Sarpech on the front of a turban with further embellishments threaded through the loops.
This Taj would be worn in front of the bridegroom’s Chalma or the bride’s veil at a Hindu wedding. It could also be used to decorate statues of Krishna or other temple deities during special festivals or processions. it was sometimes further embellished by the addition of peacock feathers.




18 cm. Width
10cm. height
7cm. depth


Excellent, with some silver tarnishing.


The UK Art Market.


For a similar example, see lot no. 19 illustrated at the Mughal Silver Magnificence (XVI-XIXth. C.) , 1987

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