Swiss Gold Box, A Magnificent & Rare Swiss Enameled Gold Oval Shape Snuff Box Made For The Ottoman Market Decorated Inside Out with Floral Designs, Musical Instruments And The Ottoman Flag, Geneva, Switzerland, Circa 1830.

Identification Number: 154


Of an oval shape, decorated all over on pale pink translucent enamel.
The box exterior top centre is painted with musical shape notes and two musical instruments, comprising a harp and guitar surrounded by beautiful elongated colorful bouquets of flowers.
The box base centre is also painted with musical shape notes and musical instruments comprising a lute, a harp and a violin, elongated colorful bouquets of flowers also surround the motif.
The box sides are decorated with elongated floral and fruit motives.
The waved cover from the inside is painted with a large drum amongst two red and green ottoman flags bearing the star and crescent, large bouquets of beautifully painted flowers surround the motif.
A gold mark can be seen inside the box.

Condition: Excellent and intact.
Dimensions:- 7.7 * 5 cm width.
2 cm high.