Orientalist art, A Pair of Porcelain Perfume Bottles Attributed To Jacob Petit In The Form of a Sultan & Sultana, France 19th. Century.

Identification Number: 14


Each figure decorated in polychrome faces, hands and blue bases, both figures standing on blue square bases decorated with raised gold floral motives, with separated stoppers the Sultan wearing a shirt, salwar pantalons and head turban decorated in gold floral and arabesque designs the coat decorated in gold with floral and key-hole motives.
The Sultana wearing a kuftan, salwar pantalons, buckled belt and head turban all decorated in gold with floral and arabesque motives. The bases unmarked.
Jacob Petit manufactured Turkish figures of a very high quality; he was one of the leading Manufacturers of Paris porcelain in the 19th. Century. He is best known for figures, which are usually Perfume Bottles or Tea-warmers. Perfume bottles were produced in on piece with a separate stopper.

Condition: very good, minor chips to the bases and one stopper, invisible from outside small firing split inside bottle
The Sultan height 34 cm.
The largest part of Sultan body 15 cm. diam.
The Sultana height 35 cm.
The largest part of Sultana body including hands 16 cm. diam.
Square Base 12 cm.