A Pair of Very Fine Silver Gilt Ceremonial Vambraces (Bazubands), Mughal India, the Deccan Late 17th early 18th Century

Identification Number: 49


Of typical form, the outer surfaces are completely covered in heavily gilded silver plating. The edges of the surface is also applied with bands of trefoil cuspings, each piece consists of two half cylinders attached with a long silver pin, the longer of the two ends is designed in a half dome shape.
The flat gilded silver plates is a characteristic of older pieces of armour in the Deccan Sultanate.
The richness of this work must have been made under the influence of the mature Mughal period.
For a very similar example please see Oriental Splendour, Islamic Art from German Private Collections, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, pages 220-221, lot No. 156

Condition: Very Good, Loses or rubbing of gilding
31.6 cm. long