A Rare Hispano-Colonial, (Probably Mexican) Tortoiseshell and Silver Casket, Late 16th. Early 17th. Century.

Identification Number: 34


Of a rectangular shape with a hinged convex lid and engraved silver mounts, consisting of a box type sheild shape lock, engraved small panels, fittings, side handles, ball shape feet and two snake or dragon heads handle.
This example of semi-transparent tortoiseshell casket is made after a 16th century European style caskets.
Similar boxes were made in vast geographic areas and was very popular in Spain, Portugal and also with the Dutch.
Portuguese-colonies, such as Goa and Ceylon or Dutch-colonies, such as Batavia and Ceylon and also Hispano-colonies, such as the Caribbean and Central and South America, where we think our current lot comes from.
These caskets were used for non-religious and religious contexts as their semi-transparent style made them perfectly suitable to be used in churches as reliquary containers.

Condition:- Very good condition with minor repairs and small cracks
10cm. height
16 cm. wide
7cm. side depth