Ottoman Balkans Art, A Rare Ottoman Parcel-Gilt Repousse Silver Bowl, Balkans, 17th-18th Century.

Identification Number: 128



The silver bowl, of shallow rounded form with slightly raised boss at centre, presents a surface worked with extremely fine repoussé silversmithing, with a central medallion displaying a lion couchant surrounded by birds of prey and a dragon at its base.

The cavetto, following the Islamic iconographic tradition, presents beasts chasing each other around the rim, mostly birds attacking rabbits, hounds and lions. Both the cavetto and the central medallion scenes take place in a landscape filled with scrolling floral vines. The rim and the border of the medallion are adorned with a fine dotted border.

The wine cup or bowl is made of solid silver and the central roundel still maintains its original gilding.

Condition: Excellent (some loss to gilding).

Dimensions: 13 cm diam.
3.5 cm hight.

For further related readings and historical literature please see the discussion in our previous lot No. 127.
Condition: Excellent


-For an older example of this type of bowls please see (Christies, Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds, 6 October 2011, London, lot No. 308) presents arrangements around the rim, with birds and lions containing their tail between their hind legs, comparable to our fine example.

-Turkophilia Revealed, Ottoman Art In Private Collections, Directed by Frederic Hitzel, Please see Silverware by Nicholas Show, an important collection of various Balkan bowls, pages 21-33.

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