Islamic Art From China, A Sino-Islamic Cloisonne Enamel Gilt Brass Lidded Censer, Qing period, China, late 19th early 20th Century.

Identification Number: 60


The Censer on three feet, the bowl rim with two rectangular handles, standing on a wooden base, the lid finial is formed in the shape of a flower.
The bowl contains three Banners or cartouches inscribed with Pseudo-Arabic inscription in black on yellow ground among beautiful floral designs.
The First Cartouche reads as “Afdal Al-Thiker”, translating to, The Best to Recite or Say is,
The Second Cartouche reads as “ La Illah Ila Allah”, translating to, There is no God but Allah,
The Third cartouche reads as, “Muhammad Rasulu-Illah”, translating to, Mohammad is the Messenger of God.
For Similar examples, please see, Crescent Moon, Islamic Art & Civilization in Southeast Asia, by James Bennett, page 251

Condition is Excellent

16 cms high, including the wooden base
13 cms body diam,
6 cms lid diam
3 cms high, wooden base