Islamic Art From China, A Sino-Islamic Cloisonne Enamel Gilt Metal Vase and Flag, Qing period, China, late 19th early 20th Century.

Identification Number: 61


The Vase with two loop handles and hanging rings, contains two Banners or cartouches inscribed with Pseudo-Arabic inscription in black on white ground, among beautiful floral designs.
The elegant Vase is standing on a wooden base.
The First Cartouche reads as
“Al Athama Lillah”, translating to, The Greatness is only to God,
The Second Cartouche reads as “Al Hamdu Lillah ”, translating to, Praise to God,
The Third cartouche on the flag reads as, “Allahu Akbur”, translating to, Allah or God is Great.
For Similar examples, please see, Islamic Arts, by Othman Mohd. Yatim, Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Ministry of Education Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Lots, 6, 17 & 77 pages 9, 15 & 43

Condition is very good, with minor restoration

16 cms high
24 cms high, the flag