A Very Decorative Qajar Underglaze Polychromed Rectangular Moulded Pottery Tile, Depicting a Royal Hunting Scene, Tehran, Persia, Middle of the 19th Century.

Identification Number: 101


The beautifully large moulded tile of a rectangular form is decorated on a cobalt-blue ground and painted in turquoise, manganese, pink and brown with moulded decoration depicting several gallant youth in hunting spree, some of which on the back of their horses others are depicted running and having fun, on a ground of flowering plants surrounded by a stylised landscape with Palaces and buildings on the horizon, a white ground border is decorated with meandering vine and blossoming stems with perching birds around.
The very careful and precise drawing of this tile, with the usage of bright and vibrant colours, the pure thin and bright glaze, are all high indications of the very high standards and techniques were used in the making of these magnificent tiles, which is considered to be at the peak of the Qajar dynasty reign, where masters of Isfahani origin were employed in the construction and decoration of the Qajar buildings, monuments and palaces, such as the Gulestan Palace in Tehran.

For other similar Tehran Moulded tiels at the Royal Gulestan Palace In Tehran, please see, Persian Painted Tiles, by Hadi Saif, Catalogue Nos. 145-149.

Condition: Excellent, a minor firing crack to the tile border.
Dimensions: 40*33.2 cm