A Very Fine Ottoman Silver-Mounted, Red Silk Velvet-lined Wooden Rectangular Table, Turkey, 19th. Century Possibly Period Of Sultan Abidumecid, 1839-61

Identification Number: 65


Of a rectangular form, extensively covered in repousse parcel-gilt silver, the design consists of typical floral, overlapping ribbons and vegetation designs, each silver mount is well marked with the tugrah and sah.
The silver mounts have been affixed over the red silk-velvet and to the wood beneath by means of small nails.
For a similar example, please see the Sait Halim Pasa Yali, (the palace of Sait Halim Pasa), a publication of Turkiye Kalkinma Bankasi A.S. (Development Bank of Turkey), lot no. 62-63, pages 104-105

Condition: some wear and tear to velvet, rubbings to gilding
59 cms. Width
46 cms. Depth
30 cms. Hight