An Ottoman Mirror with Cover, of a Typical Round Form, Decorated with Christian & Hunting Logos, Circa 19th. Century.

Identification Number: 587


This Exceptionally Fine and Rare Ottoman Mirror with Cover is designed of a Typical Ottoman Round Shaped Form, Fitted with Gilt-Copper (Tombac) Mounts & Purple Velvet Fabric, Seed Pearls, Soutache Braid, Gilt & Spiral Wires with Couching Technique of Metal Thread over Cardboard, Decorated with Christian & Hunting Logos, Circa 19th. Century.

This beautiful masterpiece is a unique presentation of an Ottoman style mirror, which was most likely made by an Armenian Master, due to the use and the presence of Christian iconography and to the beautifully embroidered Initials which are most likely of Armenian origin, which are probably referring to the Armenian letters

Translating to


The high quality of this masterpiece and the subjects are an indication that the mirror was most likely commissioned for a promenant Armenian or European Individual.


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An exceptionally fine 19th. Century Ottoman Hilye-I Sherif and the Murassa (encrusted) cover, (for the item’s information please see the references).


23.5 cm is the diam.
3 cm is the depth.


very good, some loss of the embroidered seed pearls and silver thread.


The European Art Market.



For various related fine embroidered velvet fabric with seed pearls, soutache braid, gilt and spiral wires with couching technique of metal thread over cardboard, please
Ottoman Embroiders in the Sadberk Hanim Museum Collection, see Silk of the Hand Delight of the Eye, by Hulya Bilgi-Idil Zanbak, ,2012, ISBN: 978-975-6959-62-6.

Please alos see the very similar fine work and materials used in the making of the 19th. Century Ottoman Hilye-I Sherif and the Murassa cover, Surre-i Humayun, (the treasury or treasures which were sent to Mecca & Medina), By Seyit Ali Kahraman, published by the Turkish Ministry of culture and general manager of museum logo Topkape Sarays Mizes, Istanbul, ISBN:978-9944-370-49-3. the item is illustrated in page 165.
The treasury collection, T.S.M. 2/3380, Bilirgen 1995, s. 390.

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