An Extremely Rare and Important Ottoman Fruit Sherbet Spoon, Turkey late 18th early 19th century

Identification Number: 35


The oval shape spoon bowl is made out of a carved Carnelian Stone, the silver handle is decorated with Rubies, Turquoise and Pearls.
Ottoman dining tables were set with spoons of different shapes and sizes for the many courses. There were special spoons for rice, dried fruit sherbets, soup, dessert and jam.
Spoons were made from different materials like, Gold, Silver, and Brass, Enameled Metal, Boxwood, Ebony, Small Coconut shell, Mother of Pearl, Tortoiseshell, Coral, Ivory, Walrus-Ivory, Precious and Semi-precious Stones such as Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Jade and Coral.
It was a custom to the Ottomans to carry their own spoons when invited to feasts, Banquets and social gatherings such as weddings.
The wealthy elite used to carry lavish and highly decorative spoons that were carried in special cases suspended from one’s belt, very expensive and beautiful spoons were also produced for the use of the grand Viziers at their meetings in the Divan in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.
Our current lot is almost identical to the Sherbet Fruit spoon that is under inventory No. 2/2487 at the Topkapi Palace Museum, the only difference is the spoon bowl, our lot is made out of carved carnelian stone whereas the one at the Topkapi Museum is made out of a more common Tortoiseshell bowl.

Condition:- Excellent condition
22 cm. long
4 cm. width of spoon bowl