Greek Silver, An Important Ottoman Greek Gospel with Repousse Silver Book Binding, Greece, probably Kallerites, Epinus, Ioannian, dated 1840.

Identification Number: 71


The front cover of the bookbinding depicts the resurrection of Jesus Christ surrounded by saints. The back cover depicts the corps of Jesus on the cross with the presence of saints and animals. The spine of the Gospel binding is decorated with floral designs and inscribed with Greek characters and date back to 1840.
The cover is characteristic of the work of the silversmiths of Kallerites, a region near the capital of Epinus, Ioannina. They flourished in the 18th Century and into the 19th Century until forced to leave by the Ottomans.

Condition: very good.

Dimensions: Height 11.3 cm
Width 7.5 cm
Spine 3 cm