Indo-Portuguese Cabinet, An Indo-Portuguese Inlaid Table Cabinet, Gujarat Or Sindh, India, Late 17th Early 18th Century.

Identification Number: 278


The wooden cabinet is of a rectangular form, the front opining down lid to reveal nine drawers, the front of each drawer is decorated and veneered with worked and engraved bone or ivory, the central part is decorated with parallel engraved lines with ring and dot motives, all painted in a black substance. The surrounding frame of the centre is decorated with stained green and red ivory borders, each drawer has a metal ring shaped knob.

The front, back and sides of the cabinet are decorated and inlaid with engraved ivory panels in the form of beautiful flower stems designs, for additional attention each piece of bone or ivory is carefully fitted to the wooden parts with a metal pin.

Two brass handles are fitted at each side of the cabinet.


This item was sold before the Ivory ban became force in the UK, on the 6th. of June, 2022.





18.6 cm height.
28.6 cm width.
19.7 cm depth.


Condition: Good, some old repair and later ivory replacements, the key holes have been altered and covered with later engraved bone or ivory decoration, the hinges and front lock had been altered and substituted with an additional silver locking hasp and two opining silver rings.