An Indo-Portuguese Or Batavian Filigree Silver Mounted on Polished Orange Agate Stone Casket, Probably Goa – India, Or Batavia – Dutch East Indies, Circa 17th Century.

Identification Number: 206


This magnificent and extremely rare box of a rectangular form and was probably made for a royal individual. This elegant box is designed by mounting the probably Indian orange agate stone with beautifully designed filigree silver work bearing a crowned initials of the letter ® probably stands for the Latin word of Regina translating to the Queen.





12.5 cm is the width.
6.5 cm is the height.
10 cm is the deepth.


Very good, minimal old repair.


The European Art Market.


For similar examples please see the Hermitage Museum collection of Indian Filigree Silver, published at the Silver wonders from the east, Filigree of the Tsars, Hermitage & Amsterdam, by Lund Humphries in association with the Hermitage Amsterdam, the filigree writing box of Stadholder William III of Orange, Cat. NR. 42, Pages 65-67.

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