Iznik Dish, An Ottoman Iznik “Storm in a Teacup” Design Polychromed Pottery Dish, Turkey, circa 1600.

Identification Number: 93


Of a shallow rounded form, with a sloping rim on a short foot, painted with a loose design of underglaze polychrome cobalt blue, relief red, green and black on a white background with alternating carnations, tulips, roses, flower heads and prunus branch issuing from a leafy tuft, the border rim with rock and wave design, the reverse with alternating trefoils or spirals.

For a similar design please see IZNIK, The Pottery of Ottoman Turkey, by Nurhan Atasoy & Julian Raby, Alexandra Press London in association with Laurence King, lots 701 & 702

Condition: minor old repair, underglaze stain marks, chips to the rim and hairline to the overglaze.

Dimensions: 29cm diam.
6cm high.