Armenian Silver, A Rare Repousse Silver Fragment Depicting A Seated King Holding A Mace, The Base Is Inscribed With The Armenian Name Translated to (Judah Or Huta) Probably Constantinople or Antelias-Lebonan or The Kingdom of Cilicia, 18th. Century or Ear

Identification Number: 399


This beautifully chased and repoussed silver crowned figure might have been removed or salvaged from a much larger biblical scene.

The figure is probably depicting the king Judah the forth son of Jacob.

Condition: good, minor old repair, some cracks and some loss of silver.


25cm. height.
15.5 cm. the width at largest point of body.


For Similar craftsmanship and silversmithing please see
Armenia, Art, Religion & Trade In The Middle ages, edited by Helen G. Evans, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, 2018
Please see the silver front cover for mother ritual book (Mayr Maashtots), made in Antelias, Lebanon. Illustrated on pages 2228 & 229.