Armenian Van Silver, A fine Armenian Nielloed Silver Engagement Ring Purse Decorated With Elegant Floral Designs, Marked With Van (فان) , Ottoman Armenia, 19th Century.

Identification Number: 396


This rare and very delicate item is beautifully made and constructed with various techniques and very high silversmithing standards.

The purse has floral open work techniques, fine nielloware inlay and the interior is lined with fine Moroccan leather in red colour.

Condition: very good, some silver tarnishing and gilding loss.


5cm the width of the top.
7cm the width of the base.
1.4cm the depth.


For other almost identical engagement ring purses please see Osep Tokat, Armenian Master Silversmiths, Los Angeles, 2005, please see illustrations on pages 28, 106 &107.