Caucasian Kinjal, A Rare Carved Ivory Dagger (Kindjal Or Kinjal) With Fine Gilt Silver Inlay Decoration, Caucuses, Dagestan, Circa Late 19th Early 20th Century.

Identification Number: 294


This item was sold before the Ivory ban became force in the UK, on the 6th. of June, 2022.




52.5 cm long (together blade and scabbard).
4.5 cm the width at largest point.


Good (some losses to inlaid gilt-silver wires, minor repair to scabbard, silver is tarnished).



1-For a very similar Caucasian dagger (Kindjal) with gold and silver inlaid on ivory with Nielloed and gilt silver decorations please see
The Art of Kubachi, the book was published in Russian language in Leningrad, Published by Khudozhnik Rsfsr in 1976. Please see lot Nos. 100,101&102, 103 & 104.

2-For another similar example please see
Arms and armor of the Caucasus, by Kirill Rivkin, ISBN 978-0-692-49481-3 Printed in the USA, 2015, please see a very similar kindjal made by the Tubechiev Brothers, figures 49 exhibited on page 118-119.

3- For other similar Kindjals please see
Searching for lost Relics by Isa Askhabove, Khamzat Askhabov, Cultural Heritage, 2016, ISBN 978-5-4444-5509-8.
Lots exhibited on Pages 52, 53, 108, 109, 206, 385, 359, 371& 377.