Chinese Export Silver For The Thai Market, An Exceptionally Fine Repousse Silver-Gilt Rectangular Shaped Document Casket With Lock & Twisted Handle On Top Probably Was Commissioned During the Rayne of King Rama V, Marked (Guang Zhen), China 19TH. Century.

Identification Number: 461




Thai Silver and Nielloware, by Paul Bromberg, River Books, 2019, ISBN: 9786164510142, for Chinese Export silverware made for the Thai market and Chinese silver marks please pages 190-207, for (Guang Zhen Marks) please see the mark illustrated in page 197.

-For other related (Thai-Chinese) items made by Chinese craftsmen or silversmiths for the Siam market of the highest quality please see, Silverware in Thailand, by Naengoni Punjabhan, ISBN 974-88695-6-3, Please see the silver-gilt betel box illustrated on page 112, the gold-plated tea-tray with lid made for king Rama V (Court of Lampang) illustrated in pages 150-151 & other Chinese silver boxes with diverse ornamental embossed and engraved patterns please see the boxes illustrated in pages 124-125.