Iznik Ceramics, An Iznik Underglaze Polychrome Painted Pottery Jug (Güze), Decorated With Palmettes, Iznik, Western Anatolia, Turkey, Circa 1590.

Identification Number: 449


Made out of fritware or (stone-paste), fritware is a mixture of clay with other hardening materials such as quarts and other organic binding materials like gum and glue, the requested shaped item can fired in the kiln at a lower temperature comparing with clay alone, the item is washed when is still hot, then a fine and thin glazing process will be applied to the surface of the decorated areas of the requested item.

The jug is decorated in underglaze green, cobalt blue, the centre of the beautifully black outlined entwining palmettes are painted with raised red colour, the handle is decorated with paralleled short black lines, the jug’s neck is decorated with scrolling-wave border.

Condition: Very good, a minor chip to the base rims from the inside, few hair lines, no later restoration can be found, minor wear and tear.


24 cm the height.
9.8 cm the diameter of the top.
9.8 cm the diameter of the base.
15 cm the widest point of the jug’s body.


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IZNIK The Artistry Of Ottoman Ceramics, by Walter B. Denny, Thames & Hudson, a similar 16th. Century Iznik Jug with similar decoration illustrated on page 58.

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