Jerusalem Snuff Box, A Fine Carved & Pierced Holy Land Mother-Of-Pearl Snuff Box Decorated With The Ottoman Crescent Star Emblem and The Initial Letters Of The Owner, Bethlehem, The Ottoman Empire-Old Palestine, Late 19th. Century.

Identification Number: 485


Snuff is a smokeless tobacco powder was made from pulverised tobacco leaves.
Snuff is inhaled or snuffed after being placed by the thumb and index fingers onto the back surface of the hand delivering a small dose of nicotine and a lasting flavoured scent.
Snuff was originated in the Americas and was fashionable in Europe after the 17th. Century.

This beautifully and very carefully pierced mother-of-pearl box is showcasing the great achievement, standards and work of the Bethlehem mother-of-pearl masters.

In the making of this very tasteful and delicate piece, the maker’s intentions were probably to show his competitiveness and outstanding skills in making the filigree effect in working with the very soft and fragile material such as mother-of-pearl competing with the work of the Chinese ivory carvers and masters, for the lid has double engravings and piercings throughout the back and front and beautifully decorated with birds dancing amidst vain leaves and grapes.

Condition: Excellent, There is a personal card inside the box with a date note of 1898 AD.


The Width 10 cm.
The Height 2.8 cm.
The Depth 8 cm.