Ottoman Art, A Very Fine and Rare Large Ottoman Gilt-Copper (Tombak) Ceremonial Horse or Camel Forehead or Chest-Band Fitting Ornament or Buckle, Turkey Late 18th Century.

Identification Number: 50


Made in the form of an Eye, the Sclera of the Eye is made by embossed and chased Gilded Copper in the Ottoman Baroque style. The Ornament is decorated with typical Floral, Overlapping Ribbons and Vegetation Designs.
The Iris of the Eye is made in a typical Ottoman form of embossed and engraved Green Glass, The style in which the Eye is carved is similar to the Carved Stone embosses mounted on the Facades of Ottoman Architectural Buildings such as Mosques.
The back of the Ornament is lined with a plain Copper fitting.
Ornaments, Amulet or Charms are very popular in Ottoman Art and Culture, it’s a kind of a Traditional Belief or Omen called (Nazar Boncugu), Eye shaped Stone or Glass Protective Pendants was believed to have Protective Powers from the Evil Eyes, normally Worn by Humans and Animals or mounted on Objects or Buildings to Avert the Evil Eyes Away.
Ornaments decorating Camel’s or Horse’s Foreheads, Nose, and Chests such as Aigrette-Holders (Sorguc), Nose-Bands, and Chest-Bands, were normally used to Grace the Favorite Animals that belonged to the Sultan, the Ruling Family Members or High-ranking Ottoman Elite, such as high State Officials.
In addition to other decorative trappings or fittings used for Parading the Animals in Festivals, Public Appearances, War Ceremonies etc., the Eye shaped Ornaments are extremely decorative, also used to Impress and Dazzle Viewers.
For similar examples please see examples illustrated on page 98 & 102 exhibited in Surre-i Humayun, published by Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi Kultur A.S. Yayinlari.
For other examples you can also see Istanbul The City of the Sultans, by De Nieuwe Kerk, page 144-lot No. 220
For other example please see Die Turckische Cammer, Sammlung Orientalisch-Sachsischen Rustkammer, Dresden by Holger Schuckelt, Lot Nos. 297, 297, 299, 322, 114, 125, 264, Pages 302, 303, 319, 105, 141, 282
For other examples please see, Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin at the Topkapi Palace, lot Nos. 40-41, 42 pages 112-113, 114, 115

Condition: Excellent, Minor Loses or rubbing of gilding, Green Glass cracked
22 cm. wide
15 cm. high