Nakhon Nielloware, A Rare Engraved, Nielloed And Gilt Cylindrical Shaped Kettle (Kar Nam Ton), Probably Nakhon Si Thammarat Or Krung Tom, Thailand, Circa 1850s AD.

Identification Number: 378


The kettle is made out of carefully chased or repoussed high grade silver, decorated with garlanded flower motives, finely Nielloed and polished and heavily gilded, the cylindrical shaped body is covered with a domed cover with a blossoming flower head shaped finial.

Condition: very good, metal tarnishing.

23 cm height.
16 cm the width and distance between the spout and body.


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-A similar Gold Nielloware teapot or kettle was gifted from the Thai King Mongkut to the American President Franklin Pierce, the American Smithsonian Institution (the National Museum of Natural History-Washington-DC), the department of Anthropology.