Islamic Arms And Armour, A Magnificent And Very Important Wootz Steel Blade With Carved Walrus Ivory Handle And Sheath With Fine Gilt Silver And Gold Mounts Dagger, And Inlaid with Gold and Coloured Lac Decorations, Turkey, Circa 1650- 1680 AD.

Identification Number: 292


This item was sold before the Ivory ban became force in the UK, on the 6th. of June, 2022.




25 cm long (together blade and scabbard).
4.2 cm the width at largest point.


Condition: Very Good (some wear and tear, the probably 18 gold carat protective side edges of the ivory scabbard are of a later date).


For almost an identical Ivory dagger please see, Islamic and Oriental Arms And Armour, A lifetime Passion, Robert Hales, Lot No. 898, page No. 66.

For A very similar Ottoman Dagger but made with different materials, please see Splendors of the oriental Arms Exhibition Catalogue, from the 4th. of May – 31 July 1988, Paris-France, by Philippe Missillier & Howard Ricketts, ISBN: 2 95 02 785-0-7, ACTE-EXPO.

Please see the almost identical engraved silver mounts on the dagger of Lot No. 24 catalogued in page No. 30 also please see lot No. 32 catalouged in pages 32 & 33.