Ottoman Yataghan With Sheath, A Fine Carved Walrus Ivory-Hilted Single-edged Steel Blade Yataghan, With Gold And Silver Damascene, Probably Prizren, Kosovo, Dated 1210 AH. = 1795 AD.

Identification Number: 314


The wide blade is damascened with Gold and silver inlay and signed by the maker in Arabic

(عمل عثمان، صاحبه أغا حسين سنة ١٢١٠)

Translating to the work of Osman, The owner is Aga Hussein in 1210 AH.= 1795 AD.

Other probably Turkish Inscriptions written in gold on both sides of the blade including God’s Will
(ما شا الله)

The Fine Repousse White Metal Scabbard Is Decorated With Elaborate Striated Corals And Fine Gilt Filigree Silver Granulation, The Finial Is Fitted With Fine Lion head.

Condition: Very Good, some later repair and soldering, the walrus ivory handle is cracked.


Overall length 78 CM.
Length of hilt and blade CM.
Width of blade at the hilt 3.5 CM.
Hilt Length 10 CM.


The Arms Of Greece And Her Balkan Neighbors In The Ottoman Period, By Robert Elgood, Thames & Hudson, please see the very similar Yataghan lot No. 144 page 112.
Also for similar filigree silversmithing please see lot Nos. 171, 172 & 174 pages 148 & 149.